A complete guide to gifting, how to use the science of gifting for improving relationships.

“Giving is the master key to success in all applications of human life.”
“Over the period, the exchange of gifts has held humans together. It has made it possible to bridge the deep differences and gaps where language struggles.”
Gifting is prevalent in personal relations and corporate affairs.

Why Gifting?
We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.
The gift is a symbol of relationship, a focus on it will make a lasting impression. Gift-giving and all those little touches become a symbol of value you place on the relationship.
In every relationship or business affair, the other person is spending time with you which is the precious commodity one has to share, so the concept of gift-giving is rooted in the acknowledgment of their time and reciprocating it.
It is the thought that counts- with the gift one can signal how they are caring and make someone special.
When you show love and care through gifting, it reciprocates in multiples.
Imagine when you give someone something that he or she will love daily, that’s 365 positive impressions per year for the price of one gift. The return is priceless

Gifting Market and Trends:
As per the Qwikcilver study, the Indian gift market is expected to grow to the tune of $84 billion by 2024 from the present $65 million and the global gifting market is about to touch $475 billion.
Factors which helped in increase in the gifting industry:
Growing consumerism:
With such a large population Indian consumer spending is about to grow from $1.5 trillion to $6 trillion by 2030 and just placed after US and china.
Internet penetration :
With huge mobile penetration to smaller towns and villages and when 97% of mobile users use the internet, it is bound to use mobile internet for e-commerce or placing an order online. Internet facilitated in choosing and hassle-free delivery of different products.

Multiple incomes and nuclear families :
An increase in personal household income as both husband and wife started working and development spread to small cities has helped in consumerism. Increased disposal income and availability of a wide range of choices made the gifting business grow in multiples.

Key things to note while Gifting :

1.If it is an occasion give a thought before choosing a gift. Planned randomness adds surprise and delight.
2.Avoid general gifts like chocolates, gift vouchers if you want to make an impression. When things happen unexpectedly, the receiver typically recognizes that this effort is for the relationship itself, no strings attached
3.People appreciate gifts that don’t add to the clutter, that they can use and enjoy frequently—even more so when it’s an item that they wouldn’t ordinarily buy for themselves.
4.NO- NO to your logo or name on the gift, it is not a promotion but a gift it is meant for the recipient, not you.
5.Check if the gift you chose is not in their dislike list or is not suitable for other person. Imagine giving sweets to diabetic, perfume to someone who is allergic, etc.

6.Prefer a tailor-made gift, imagine if you can create a moment for the potential receiver how he can be a hero for his family, through which the entire family can enjoy and cherish

7.It is a known fact that our brain processes our names as sweet-sounding words ever hear or see. It’s the “name-letter effect”—a person’s tendency to favor the letters of his or her name over the rest of the alphabet.
8.Your gift should be a conversation starter, something that by its very nature will keep you on top of someone’s mind. Your best gift for ROI is something that’s used daily versus only a dozen times a year.

9.Imagine the gift given by you is seen by the recipient at a general store available at 70% discount, so prefer unique, rarely available, and handmade sorts.
10. On budget constraint go for a classic gift or opt for just a personalized note instead of going for cheap and waste quality.
11.If it is not an occasion, one of the best times you give a gift is that when they don’t expect or they make any deal with you in your business or personal life.

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Personalized gifts:
It is always a great feeling to be at receiving end of a fabulous gift which additionally gives a satisfying feeling to the sender that goes on for quite a while. The act of gifting turns into even more exceptional when gifts are as unique and creative as Personalized Gifts.
Personalization is an art that permits individuals to transform common gifts into memorable and special ones that can make any event or occasion additional unique and special.

Here are the top 5 reasons why personalized gifts are simply better.

1: Customized Gifts Are Thoughtful & Unique

When you customize each present you can be sure that you’re creating unique gifts for everyone on your list. By including a special message, their favorite photos, or even something simple, like their name or monogram, you can show that you took the extra time and thought to make your gifts meaningful.

2: Custom Gifts are remembered forever

Custom gifts are meant to be treasured. A festive ornament can become a cherished keepsake when you customize it for the recipient. And an otherwise ordinary gift can become exceptional when you know it was carefully made just for you.

3: Personalized Gifts Are Perfect For Any Occasion
With extensive selection of unique gifts available ion the market, you can find the perfect present for everyone, no matter what the occasion. And technology allows you to preview each item to see exactly how it will look before placing your order.

4: Personalization Mall Gifts Are Budget Friendly
Personalization makes flexibility to choose within your budget.

5: Custom Made Gifts Always Stand Out
Whether you choose engraving, monogramming, embroidery, photo, or another customization method, you are creating something unique. Personalized gifts have a way of standing out from the crowd. They’re ideal for those difficult to shop for and perfect for creating a lasting impression. When friends and loved ones finish opening all their Christmas presents, guess which ones they’ll remember the most?

6.Help in Building strong relationship with the near and dear ones: Personalized Gifts talk straightforwardly to the receiver’s heart

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